All-In-One Dental Solution

3D Print Clear Aligners in Your Practice

Our all-in-one dental solution for cosmetic dentistry enables dental professionals to design and print customized veneers & aligners in-house.

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

All-in-one Dental Solution

Reduce Costs and Time

With all-in-one Sweeth Solution, dental practices can save both time and money by bringing aligner production in-house and eliminating the need to outsource.

Control In Your Hands

In-house production provides greater flexibility and customization in orthodontic treatment, ultimately improving patient satisfaction and results.

Same-Day Start

With fast printing capabilities, it is now possible to print aligners on the same day as treatment begins, allowing for true chairside printing.

Fast and Flexible Workflow

Efficient Printing: From Scanning to Aligner



10 min


30 min
Sweeth-3D Printing

3D Printing

120 min
Sweeth-Post Process


20 min
Sweeth Software.

All-in-one Dental Solution


15 min


15 min

3D Printing

15 min

3D Printing

15 min

Maximize Profits and Patient Outcomes

Discover how 3D printing of aligners and veneers in-house can enhance your control of the aligner treatment and boost your profits.

3D Printing of Clear Aligners

  • Production
    20 ALigners
  • From Scan to Start Treatment
  • Costs for an
    extensive case
  • Costs for an single aligner
  • Lab
  • 2-3 weeks
  • €1300
  • €65
  • In-house
    Direct Print
  • +/-3 hours
  • €100
  • €5

  • Advantages & Savings
  • Same day
  • €1200
  • €60

3D Printing of Dental Veneers

  • Production
    20 Veneers
  • From Scan to Start Placement
  • Costs for an
    extensive case
  • Costs for an
    single Veneer
  • Lab
  • 1-2 weeks
  • €2500
  • €125
  • Lab
    Composite Veneers
  • 1-2 weeks
  • €800
  • €40
  • In-house
    3D Printed Veneers
  • ~ 2 hours
  • €30
  • €1,5

  • Advantages & Savings
  • Same day
  • €760
  • €38

Independence, Adaptability, and Control Over Treatment

From design, planning & printing, our all-in-one solution streamlines your practice while ensuring accuracy and precision for every patient.

  • 0.1
    Scanning Phase
  • 0.2
    Intra-oral Scanning

    The current generation of intra-oral scanners have the necessary specifications to allow for full compatibility.

  • 0.3
    Export PLY or STL

    The ability to export high-quality digital files into our design software also reduces production time and costs.

  • 0.2
    Design Phase
  • 0.2
    Cad /Cam

    Use your digital files in our dental CAD software for your esthetic and orthodontic treatments.

  • 0.5

    Import the PLY or STL scan.

  • 0.5
    Control in Your Hands

    Take control of the planning and design.

  • 0.5
    Fully Digital

    100% digital preparation, design and planning of your cases. No need for printed models, in lab prepping or thermoforming aligners.

  • 0.5
    Send to the Printer

    Export your files from our software to the printer software.

  • 0.3
    Printing Phase
  • 0.5
    Printer Setup

    Use our recommended settings and printing setup.

  • 0.5
    Special Purpose Materials

    Direct printable aligners, placement and prep guides and (nanoceramic) composite materials.

The Global Dental 3D Printing Market

The global dental 3D printing market size was valued at USD 3.1 billion in 2023 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.4% from 2024 to 2030.

$3.1 Billion

Global 3D Market Size.


Dental Laboratories Segment.


(CAGR) from 2024 to 2030.


Orthodontics Revenue Share.

All-In-One Dental Solution

Sweeth Solution

Sweeth offers dental solution required to bring high precision 3D printing in your practice.

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Albert Donover
Marketing Director, Vision
“Choosing Flexi as our technology partner was one of the best decisions we've made. Their professionalism, and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions have exceeded our expectations.”
Maria Ray
Creative Director, Proline
“I can't say enough good things about Flexi. From the initial consultation to the implementation and ongoing support, their team has been exceptional. They truly understand our unique needs."
Tomach Marlene
Sales manager, Rise
“Working with Flexi has been an absolute game-changer for our business. Their expertise and innovative solutions have helped us streamline our processes."
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Dental Market Trends

3D Printing In-House

The graph demonstrates the emerging trend of chairside 3D printing in the dental industry. This showcases that market participants are aware of and adapting to current trends in the market.

Remote Monitoring

The trends derived from this for the dental market applied within the business model were remote monitoring, a focus on patient experience and smile prediction.

Patient Experience

Patients are seeking a more streamlined and comfortable experience. In addition, patients are looking for personalizes treatment plans and affordability.

Predictable Dentistry

The impact of digitisation in dentistry on orthodontic appliances was considered high. This proves that that the business model triggers the right points by digitising orthodontic appliances.